MRN stol

Magnus and Anielka have put great efforts into upgrading the bar last year.
Everything from furniture and paint to small Anielka style details.
Come along Saturday and celebrate our upgraded look.
Between 19 and 20.30 we offer a glass and some finger food.
As always, we have a modest selection of beer and other drinks.
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Tiedemanns Tobakk bergar ebola ofre i Afrika?

27-12-13: Hector Luis

Anti-ebola drugs are developed with the help of the tobacco plant. Maybe financing of the ZMapp ebola drug development was done based on the taxation of the cigar you are smoking right now? No no, this is incorrect!
It was no governmental funding into developing the ZMapp. It was the PROFIT from making the cigars and the Camel cigarettes that made the purchase of the ZMapp developer Kentucky BioProcessing possible!