Rating cigars

Romeo Wide Churchill (boring!!), Monte 2 Petit (boring!!), Bolivar Royal Coronas, Partagas Coronas Senior, Rafael Gonzales petit corona 2006

A handmade cigar may provide exciting flavours for the palate. Before discussing personal preferences a set of quality criteria may be applied. At the very end you may of course express your opinion on your personal preferences on vanilla versus say cinnamon. However, we can not have a system awarding more points for notes of herbs than say spices? Complexity and balance are the key words!

Skaderådet for sigar

(Partly in english) Helsebyråkratane vil ha alle tobakksprodukt inn i ei standard innpakning. For cigaren betyr det å ta av magebeltet og påføra eit nytt i standard farge og bokstavtype. Det går ikkje for det vil jo flerra opp cigaren! Og ingen cubansk leverandør av håndrulla cigarar vil bry seg med å levera spesialinnpakning til det norske mikromarkedet. Resultat: Spesialforretningane vil forsvinna. Bra jobba- viktig for den norske folkehelsa dette, byråkratar!

Would you trust WHO, FDA or OleCigar?


“Smoking kills”. Is it too much to demand the truth from governmental agencies? People smoking a cigar a day relax, enjoy and probably are very happy with that opportunity. People smoking a cigar a week, probably wish they could find the time to smoke a good cigar every day! Statistics support them: A cigar a day keep the doctor away – keeping them alive longer than the general group of non-smokers.
Is it really that surprising?